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Follow us on Facebook for upcoming community events and ways to connect with Men’s Fight Club. We are currently in the process of making our next season’s Main Event schedule. 

Why Men’s Fight Club

We are in a battle. Not with each other, but against our enemy the Devil. Our marriages, families, churches, and influence in the community are worth fighting for. We link arms with other men, from other churches across denominational lines to join in unity and fight together as one.

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What is Men's Fight Club


Men’s Fight Club is not a church or a building. It is a mobile ministry comprised of God fearing men of good character, leaders of diverse local bodies, and men seeking the process of real training in what it takes to be the man they were meant to be.




 Fight club was established in November of 2018.  It started with the vision of creating a community of Godly men from all Christian walks of life, crossing the boundaries created between denominations, races, ages, and status.




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Men’s fight club

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